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tennis school • free play • competition

It makes it possible to organize high-performance training sessions with 8 players divided into 4 workshops. Park adapted to the spirit of the "next generation",
it also opens a new stimulating tennis area with direct and permanent access to free play with friends. At other times,
it is transformed into a friendly space, on the menu:
Family tennis, events galore… American-style fun, on and off the courts.


the next generation spirit


in the Kids Tennis universe

progressive tennis


System 4® offers Kids a "founding path", in 4 stages, based on the values of sportsmanship and the strengths of the game, skills that nourish a lifetime.


The objective is clear: to put an end to the unrealistic game on the big field, inducing frustrations and  discouragement. A totally new educational universe, the Kids Tennis Park - compliant with ITF standards - is a "turnkey" tool for training and competition under 10.

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