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150 years after its creation, tennis is undergoing a revolution… in technicolor, because tennis is above all a story of desire!  


System 4 revolutionizes tennis on 2 levels  

Strategic Revolution |  


Strength ?

  • a new "4 in 1" architecture  for a dynamic evolving gaming experience.


What is the four-color design for?

  • To "make the pot beautiful", as sociologist Michel Maffesoli likes to repeat, but above all to make the field "intelligent" with 4 now "explicit" game areas. It converts color into the pleasure of embarking on a great long-distance adventure...

  • For children, the 4 colored courts "materialize" the 4 stages of their development, respecting their psycho-physical development.


Sports revolution |


Recipe ?

  • an approach to the game that reinvents the pleasure of playing tennis, in terms of accessibility and attractiveness, with its direct access to the match so dreamed of... for immediate pleasure!


open tennis court | a sport for everyone!

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